Marine Advanced First Aid

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Designed to provide participants with the skills and
knowledge required to apply immediate first aid in
the event of accident or illness on board a vessel.
Participants will gain knowledge of marine first aid
equipment, and the transferring of patients from a ship.
All aspects of course are focused in a marine setting.
Course meets the requirements of Transport Canada
outlined in Transport Publication (TP) 13008E.

Course Content
• The Professional Responder
• Responding to the call
• Infection prevention and control
• Anatomy and physiology
• Assessment
• Airway management and respiratory emergencies
• Circulatory emergencies
• Shock
• Hemorrhage and soft tissue trauma
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries
• Head and spinal injuries
• Acute and chronic illnesses
• Poisoning
• Environmental illnesses
• Pregnancy, labour and delivery
• Special populations
• Crisis intervention
• Reaching, lifting and extricating patients
• Multiple-casualty incidents
• Pharmacology
• Marine environment
• Workplace