Advanced Remote and Wilderness First Aid

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The Canadian Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Program (WRFA) offers specialty first aid courses for those who live, work, and/or play in non-urban, remote, and wilderness settings. With three levels of training, participants can choose the course which best meets their needs for personal safety and the safety of others in remote and wilderness environments. The unique approach to program development and commitment to evidence-based practices ensures the course curriculum is effective and relevant.

Program features

Expanded course options with a brand-new Wilderness First Responder level providing advanced first aid and CPR skills, leadership, and rescue decision-making skills for professional rescuers who work and respond to emergencies in remote or wilderness settings. Real-life learning activities and scenarios specifically designed for wilderness and remote environments so participants get the most effective learning experience possible. Alignment with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard on workplace first aid education, ensuring the 20-hour Remote First Aid course meets or exceeds the requirements for Intermediate First Aid (Standard First Aid).

Wilderness & Remote Field Guide provides a take-home resource that is portable, waterproof and includes pictures, protocols, and the latest evidence-based practices for first aid.

Course Length 40 hours

For individuals that work and/or spend significant time in a wilderness environment, or lead groups in a professional capacity.

Participants’ Typical Responsibility
Safety of themselves and their peers or group


  • Wilderness (3 or more hours from organized health care)
  • Challenging environments with varied risk levels

Planned Trip
Expedition/Multi-day trip

Overnight to a few days

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Planning, prevention, health and wellnessof the group
  • Leadership skills
  • Assessment
  • Extended care and decision-making around additional supports required

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